How to Borrow

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How To Borrow Materials

All borrowers must fill out a Lending Agreement. Please download, fill out, and return the LENDING AGREEMENT FORM as an email attachment to or fax it to 919-962-0398.

  1. Once we have a copy of your form, you are free to borrow from the library. Please note that anyone who wishes to take out material from the collection must fill out a form. This includes persons sent to pick up films on behalf of professors, students, friends, etc.
  2. We will periodically ask returning borrowers to update their contact information.

Requesting Materials & Use of the Collection

  1. Please request films by e-mail at:
  2. Borrowers should place their requests at least 2 weeks before the desired show date to ensure that items will be available.
  3. Reserved videos can be picked-up at our office (2 days before the desired show date) or we can send them to you via FedEx second day. Items that are not picked up will be sent out so that you receive them the day before the desired showing date.
  4. If receiving films through the mail, borrowers must return items using a shipping method that has tracking information (e.g., FedEx, UPS). Borrowers are responsible for the cost of return shipment.
  5. Films will be lent for 3 days if picked up or 7 days from the day the borrower receives them if mailed. If borrowers would like to use the video(s) for a longer period or to have an extension on a film already borrowed, they must request permission from the Film Library staff.
  6. Upon lending films, we will notify the borrower of the due date. The due date indicates the day we expect the videos to be back in our office.
  7. All overdue videos are subject to a fine of $2.00 per day. A film is considered overdue if we have not received it in our office by the designated due date.
  8. Borrowers will not be able to borrow from the collection if they have any outstanding fines.

Borrower’s Responsibility

  1. Materials, while in the possession of the borrower, are the responsibility of the borrower. The cost of replacing any lost or damaged films, resulting from the negligence of the borrower, will be charged to the borrower.
  2. If returning films through the mail, borrowers must package them securely and provide sufficient padding. This is to reduce the wear and tear on film cases and the films themselves.
  3. Borrowers must return materials on time.

Please note that Latin American films are not rated and in some instances may contain inappropriate language/images for children. For more information, please see this list of videos appropriate for children.

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