Below is basic information about the Yucatán. For a more detailed description, click on the title of the piece that interests you.

Yucatán HistoryThe Yucatán Peninsula has captivated travelers since the early Spanish explorations. Explorers and conquistadores met with more resistance there than in almost any other part of the New World, and this rebellious spirit continued for centuries.

Merida, is the capital and the foremost city of Yucatán . This marvelous eccentric city is often referred to as “la cuidad blanca” or “white city”.

Valladolid is a colonial town, with a population of about 55,000, that rests almost in the center of the Yucatán Peninsula. The elegant colonial walls of Valladolid have seen much in their long history.

Xocen, is a very ancient town located in the milpa area of the Mexican State of Yucatán, which is situated 12 kilometers southeast of Valladolid and about 200 miles southwest of Cancún. When the Spanish arrived, the inhabitants fought hard against the conquistadors.

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