LMP Funds New Research on Migration and Mental Health

heather photo small

Heather Edelblute

lilli headshot SMALL

Lilli Mann

Heather Edelblute and Lilli Mann received Latino Migration Awards to implement a lay community health advisor program focused on depression in women impacted by migration in a sending community in Guanajuato. The manuscript they and others developed from this work was accepted for publication in the Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

Their paper can be read below:

“Promotoras Across the Border: A Pilot Study Addressing Depression in Mexican Women Impacted by Migration” (Heather B. Edelblute, Sandra Clark, Lilli Mann, Kathryn M. McKenney, Jason J. Bischof , Christine Kistler)

Congrats, Heather and Lilli!

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