LTAM Alumni Spotlight: Ian Smith-Overman


Ian Smith-Overman

The Latin American Studies Undergraduate major (LTAM) provides students with the opportunity to master multiple methodological skills and acquire the language competence through which to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the Latin American and Caribbean experience. In preparing students for public and private sector careers, LTAM alumni have gotten jobs in the U.S. State Department in a number of different Latin American countries, transnational companies that operate in the US and Latin America, and in non-profit organizations that work with migrants in the United States.

Last week got to know Shaw Drake, and this week we’re pleased to sit down with Ian Smith-Overman.

Smith-Overman is in his fifth year of teaching high school social studies at a public school in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Before he entered the classroom, Smith-Overman was an AmeriCorps tutor with Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate, which grew his interest in education equity, and served as an interpreter in Nicaragua on an ecotourism coffee farm.

As an undergraduate student, Smith-Overman knew he wanted to study topics about Latin America and found the Latin American Studies Major (LTAM) to align with these interests. He said the range of courses, which include sociology, political science, economics, anthropology, and literature, gave him a broad foundation for an interesting region of the world.

“I felt like the program was small enough where people were looking out for me, but large enough to offer much bigger opportunities” Smith-Overman said.

When he’s not teaching, you can find Smith-Overman riding his bike or skiing.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Ian! We look forward to the great things you will do.


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