Advisory Board

Clare Barrington

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Behavior & Health Education
317 Rosenau Hall, CB 7440, UNC-CH
Office Phone: (919) 966-9009

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Teresa Chapa

Librarian for Latin America, Iberia, and Latina/o Studies
Davis Library, CB 3918, Global Resources and Area Studies, UNC-CH
Office Phone: 962-3948        Fax: 962-4450

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John Chasteen

Professor, Department of History
Hamilton Hall, Rm. 514, CB 3195, UNC-CH
Office Phone: 962-5433        Fax: 962-1403

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Altha Cravey

Associate Professor, Department of Geography
Saunders Hall., Rm. 309, CB 3220, UNC-CH
Office Phone: 962-5157        Fax: 962-1537

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David F García

Associate Professor, Department of Music
Hill Annex, Rm. 10, CB 3320, UNC-CH

Office Phone: (919) 843-2093


Jacqueline Hagan

Professor, Department of Sociology
Hamilton Hall, Rm. 206, CB 3210, UNC-CH
Office Phone: 962-2327

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Miguel La Serna

Assistant Professor, Department of History
Hamilton Hall CB 3195, UNC-CH

Office Phone: (919) 962-3941


Patricia McAnany

Kenan Eminent Professor, Department of Anthropology
Office Phone: 962-0524        Fax: 962-1613

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Monica Rector

Professor, Department of Romance Languages
Dey Hall, Rm. 236, CB 3170, UNC-CH
Office Phone: 962-0744

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Deborah Weissman

Reef C. Ivey II Distinguished Professor, School of Law
Van Hecke-Wettach Hall, Rm. 3061, CB 3380, UNC-CH
Office Phone: 962-3564        Fax: 962-3375

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