Alvaro Reyes

Assistant Professor of Geography

Alvaro Reyes received his Ph.D. from Duke University in 2009 and his J.D. from The University of Pennsylvania in 2000. His teaching and research interests focus on Political Geography, Comparative Ethnic Studies, and Globalization. More specifically, Alvaro is interested in investigating the vicissitudes of colonialism and decolonization in our contemporary world. His most recent work analyzes the unique relation between post-1960s movement for “Blackness” and “Indigeneity” and the modern/colonial notions of “sovereignty” and “territory,” as well as the consequent creation within these movements of new spatial imaginaries of ordering and emancipation across the Americas. Prior to graduate school, Alvaro served as advisor in questions of international law and indigenous rights to the Red de Defensores Comunitarios por Los Derechos Humanos based in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, where he has lived and worked on and off for several years. You can find his work published in the South Atlantic Quarterly, The Political and Legal Anthropology Review, and Rethinking Marxism among others. Most recently, he edited and wrote the introduction to the Winter 2012 volume of the South Atlantic Quarterly on “Autonomy and Emancipation in Latin America.”

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