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This is a cross-departmental list of courses that have a strong Latin American focus. The course numbers are normally categorized as follows:

50-099 First Year Seminars and other courses reserved for special purposes.
100-199 “Introductory”– level undergraduate courses
200-399 Undergraduate courses deemed to be above the “introductory” level.
400-699 Courses open to undergraduates and graduate students.
700-999 Graduate courses

Except for some courses, professional school courses have been omitted, since they are usually intended for students in the professional curricula. Interested students should contact the individual professional school.

UNC-CH study abroad programs and courses are not listed. Please visit the Study Abroad Office web site for information at Several units within the university offer their own internship or study abroad experiences. The Institute for the Study of the Americas has made every effort to make this list accurate. However, students should also check the Registrar’s latest Directory of Classes when registering.

*UNC-CH students may enroll in courses at area universities. Please contact the University Registrar, 962-3954, for procedures or visit the Inter-Institutional Registration website or the University of North Carolina System Language Exchange. Note: For online courses, grades do not normally transfer.  Language Exchange grades move to your transcript as transfer credit. In order to transfer the grade, you must attain a minimum grade of C in the course. Contact the UNC-CH Registrar with questions and procedures.*

LTAM 291 The Latino Experience in the United States Summmer 2024 Session 1 class flyer<