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Patricia Fuentes Lima

Teaching Assistant Professor of Portuguese
  Dey Hall 234

Patricia H. Fuentes Lima taught hundreds of Carolina students to develop interpersonal and international communication skills. She is a strong supporter of experiential learning and study overseas. Dr. Fuentes Lima served the Portuguese Program –both as a coordinator and as an advisor for 6 years. Patricia is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a city worldly known for its deep social-economic challenges. In her emerging adult years, she lived in Sweden, taught professionals from industry, commerce, and healthcare in São Paulo. Patricia is a curious soul interested in environmental issues, alternative medicine and educational innovative methods connected to technology and sustainable life. She learned more about South American complex biomes such as the Brazilian coastal forests, and the unique midlands. She loves traveling and has visited Bolivia, Portugal, Spain, England, Greece, Norway, Denmark and Mexico. During the last ten years, she has made it a point to travel once a year to Brazil for periods of 1-2 months. While in Brazil she immerses herself in its multilayered reality, cooperates with her local communities, shares the Tar Heel spirit and invites students from various American universities to enjoy and participate in the proud Brazilian cultural heritage of resilience, creativity, and grit.
Patricia Fuentes Lima