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COVID and Food Security: Perspectives from
Sustainable Producers in Costa Rica

Speaker: Mary Little and Olivia Sylvester
Date: September 21, 2020
Time: 4:00pm

This webinar focuses on how smallholder farmers are being impacted by the COVID pandemic in Costa Rica and how this relates to our own food acquisition. We will provide some background on Costa Rica’s position in the international, post-colonial food chain and consider the challenges to agroecological production in a country that is renowned for sustainable practices. We will focus on the obstacles some producers face in light of COVID, including a severe reduction in sales at markets. This has caused many farmers to consider alternative sales methods and a rethinking of traditional models. We will also highlight how the pandemic has refocused some consumers' attention on personal and planetary health in a way that has increased demand for sustainable products. Finally, we will consider how these lessons can be applied throughout the Americas.

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