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Demystifying Haitian Vodou, a Workshop for K-14 Educators

Speaker: Crystal Eddins, Ph.D
Date: March 12, 2022
Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm
Address: Dunhill Hotel, Charlotte, NC

Black magic, zombies, witch doctors - there are a number of stereotypes and falsities surrounding vodou (more commonly known as "voodoo"). In reality, vodou is a religion first developed in Haiti that blends West and Central African religions with Roman Catholicism.

Dr. Crystal Eddins, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at UNC Charlotte, will describe the roots of vodou and demystify the stereotypes. Educators of all grades are invited to attend this interactive workshop, which is part of the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies 69th Annual Meeting.

Up to 20 participating teachers will be eligible to receive free registration to the meeting (a $75 value), which includes access to three days of Latin American presentations.

To register, email Corin Zaragoza at