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Latin Film Fest: Negra

Date: October 8, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM


Dir. by Medhin Tewelde-Serrano. 2020. Mexico. 73 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles.

“I was about seven years old the first time someone called me ‘black’ on the street. I turned around to see who they were talking to, until I realized it was me. That day I understood I was black, and the laughter it caused among the people nearby made me think being a black person wasn’t that great… Was this only happening to me? Or did it happen to other black women?” Negra shows the director in her search of exploring what it means to inhabit Mexico as a black woman. It tells the story of five afro-descendant women from southern Mexico, exposing racism, resistance and the process of self-acceptance, strategies for transcending stereotypes, and the celebration of their identity.


Dir. Pedro Favoron. Peru. 32 minutes. In Shipibpo-Konibo with English subtitles.

An intercultural film project that shows the visionary world of Meraya doctors, who are Shipibo-Konibo sages. The documentary introduces the viewer to the intimacy of the Peruvian Amazon, to the wisdom of forests and plants, and to the healing experience with ayawaska, which is also part of today’s Shipibo-Konibo culture. It is visual anthropology from a poetic standpoint and with video art techniques. Meraya intertwines fundamental art and everyday practices of the Shipibo civilization: kené patterns and textile craft, and an understanding and profound respect for the forest and its beings (earthly and spiritual). These elements relate to equilibrium and to the ordered beauty of connecting.

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