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Science magazine features Dr. Gaby Vail

Science magazine recently featured the work of Dr. Gaby Vail, ISA Science Consultant and collaborator, in "The Stargazers," an article about the rediscovery of Mayan astronomical knowledge.

The article describes her collaborations with Mayan communities and her expertise in the study of ancient Mayan texts. Dr. Vail is part of the Cielos del Sur team that supports an annual event organized by ISA and the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. The event, "Cielos del Sur: Historias de América Latina"/ "Southern Skies: Stories from Latin America" takes audiences to the Southern hemisphere to learn about the Inka and Mayan astronomical knowledge. In November 2021, the event featured three astronomy stories from indigenous Inka, Maya, and Kawinawá communities in English and Spanish to an audience of K-8 children.

The bilingual program for 6th-12th grades will be offered again on November 12, 2022. Stay tuned by signing up for our listserv to receive updates about the event.

To read the Science article, click on the "Read More" button below!

Dr.Gaby Vail pointing out a detail in the Mayan stela in Palenque.