Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology

Billman received his Ph.D. at the University of California Santa Barbara in 1996. His research interests include the prehistory of Andean South America, culture change, community organizing, and heritage preservation. In addition to conducting archaeological research on the north coast, he also co-founder and president of MOCHE, Inc ( The organization is dedicated to community development and heritage preservation in Peru. Present research involves a multi year interdisciplinary project in the Moche Valley in the organization and development of the Moche State. The goal of the Moche Origins Project (MOP) is to obtain more detailed data on social stratification, violence, highland coastal interaction, and environmental perturbations in the Moche Valley prior to and during the formation of the Moche State. Courses taught include the origins of civilization and the state, world prehistory, archaeology of South America, field school in South American archaeology, and prehistoric New World states.

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