Jason Davis

Assistant Professor for Geography

Jason Davis is an assistant professor in the UNC Geography department. His research uses both statistical and ethnographic methods to investigate connections between population, development, and the environment. His primary emphases are on the ramifications of migrant absences and remittances on the well-being of left behind family members—especially children. He employs a mix of longitudinal, retrospective and qualitative data to explore the influence of different migration dynamics (South-North, South-South and internal) on left-behind children’s educational attainment and nutrition. He also investigates migration-related fertility and land-use change. His work to date has largely been concentrated in Central and South America.

Dr. Davis completed his PhD in Geography at UCSB in 2010, where he studied the influence of international migration and remittances on fertility and development in Central America. Prior to joining UNC’s Geography Department, Dr. Davis held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Carolina Population Center.


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