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Faculty Research Awards (Domestic & International)

The Institute for the Study of the Americas offers awards to defray the cost of travel of UNC-CH Latin Americanist faculty, conducting research in Latin America or need to consult libraries or archives in the United States as part of research. Typically, domestic awards range from $500-1000 and international awards range from $1500-2500 each.

Applications will be accepted for travel after August 15, 2024 only.


– Junior and Mid-Career faculty

– Faculty who have not recently received funds from these sources

– Requests that clearly demonstrate the need and relevance of the activity to the candidate’s field and/or curricular objectives

-New opportunity: Cuban Research Initiative for research in Cuba.


Funds may be requested to defray the costs of travel expenses (e.g., air travel, ground transportation, per diem, accommodations). All applications must conform to UNC travel policies.

International Travel:

International travel funded by the U.S. Department of Education grant to ISA, may require prior approval by the USED and must comply with the Fly America Act. To facilitate this process, we will need date of departure, city and country of departure, date of arrival, city and country of arrival, airline carrier(s) and flight numbers. Detailed travel information about all legs of the trip (including connecting flights and cities) is required to obtain approval. For flight arrangements flying on airlines that have partnership agreements with a foreign carrier, please make certain that the ticket is booked on the U.S. carrier and that the flight number listed is associated with the U.S. carrier. For those applying to travel to Cuba, please review the Protocol of Travel to Cuba.


A narrative report including project title, destination, and duration of field research activities conducted with travel award monies, amount of the award, and a brief narrative describing your research activities is required. The report is due 30 days after your return. If articles, books, films, or presentations result from this research we would appreciate a listing of these activities. We may contact you after your report is submitted for an update. ISA faculty research awardees may also be asked to present their findings at ISA sponsored events and conferences.

Acknowledgement of Support

Funding sources vary: Christopher Reynolds Foundation, Mellon Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education. Awardees are required to acknowledge support as indicated in the award letter.