Professor Florence E. Babb’s latest book, Women’s Place in the Andes: Engaging Decolonial Feminist Anthropology, explores a range of feminist debates regarding the experiences of Andean Women. Drawing on 4 decades of research, the book considers the complex relationship between gender, race, and ingenuity in Latin America within the context of the decolonization process in worlds’ anthropologies. By providing a collaborative methodology for rethinking questions of existing inequalities, Babb suggests that decolonizing feminism and working with interlocutors from the South will lead to a better understanding of the complicated status of women in Andes.

An Anthony Harrington distinguished professor and cultural anthropologist, Florence E. Babb specializes on gender, sexuality, race and class in Latin America. Her previous works include Después de la Revolución: Género y Cultura Política en Nicaragua Neoliberal, The Tourism Encounter, and Entre la chacra y la olla, among others.

Women’s Place in the Andes: Engaging Decolonial Feminist Anthropology can be found here.


Book Cover Courtesy of University of California Press, 2018

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