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Visitors and Speakers from Cuba

The Cuba Speaker series has also hosted scholars of Cuba to speak on a number of themes, including Ada Ferrer on the impact of the Haitian revolution in Cuba; Ann Marie Stock on new media; Ariadna Prats on gender in the nineteenth century; Emilio Bejel on sexuality in Cuba; John Kirk on Cuban medical internationalism; Dennis Merrill on tourism in Cuba; Saul Landau, presenting his documentary “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up”; Rafael Rojas on Cuban literature; Deborah Evenson on labor law in Cuba; and Philip Brenner on Cuba-United States relations.

Miguel Barnet, Writer, Novelist, Ethnographer
Humberto Blanco Rosales, Economist
Marta Castro Peraza, Epidemiologist
Eduardo Torres Cueva, Historian and Director of the José Martí National Library
Gladys Marel García, Ethnographer
Orlando García, Historian
Sergio Giral, Filmmaker
Patricia González, Biologist
Rafael Hernández, Political Scientist
Oilda Lanier, Historian
José Viera Linares, Former Diplomat
Dannys Montes de Oca, Art Curator
Nancy Morejón, Poet