Each year, the Yucatec Maya Summer Institute enables students from across the United States to learn Mexico’s second most widely spoken indigenous language from native speakers and local professors. This year’s program got started last week with four beginning students meeting in Chapel Hill and two advanced students in Mérida Yucatán. Throughout the next six weeks, they will work toward proficiency in spoken Yucatec Maya through daily classes, home visits, guest speakers, and excursions.

Level 2 students Molly Hilton and Felipe Acosta Muñoz explore Kabah on a Saturday excursion along the Ruta Puuc, through the grottoes of Loltun, and into the local town of Dzan.
Members of the nonprofit organization InHerit join us for a welcome dinner in Mérida.
Students and instructors begin class on Friday with a shared breakfast of boox janal (relleno negro).
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