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Altha Cravey

Associate Professor of Geography
  Carolina Hall 309

Cravey earned her Ph.D. in 1993 at the University of Iowa with the generous support of an Iowa Fellowship. She is concerned with the potential of ordinary people to effect social change in contemporary times. Her research interests include the political economy of labor, globalization, and migration while her expertise centers on Mexico, Mexican development, and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Cravey has published widely in journals such as Economic Geography, Ethnography, Social Science and Medicine, Belgeo, Social and Cultural Geography, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, ACME, Environmental Health Perspectives, and Antipode. She teaches courses on globalization; migration, trans-nationality, and Diaspora; feminist geography; Latina/o Studies; and Latin American geography. She developed a Study Abroad course on Comparative Globalization with Professor Eunice Sahle that compares African experiences with Latin American ones, and it began in fall 2009. Cravey collaborates with community groups and academics in other fields and has garnered outside support from National Institute of Health, National Institute of Health Sciences, and North Carolina Arts Council to support several research projects on health and the production of documentary films.
Altha Cravey