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Graduate Students by Department

AnthropologyAriana AvilaAngela Stuesse and Amanda ThompsonU.S. immigration policies, health, race, ethnicity, rural Florida, stress and epigentics
Rosemary GayCaela O'ConnellAgricultural development, science studies, environment, Colombia
Jacob GriffinMark SorensenInflammation, Biological Aging, Ecuadorian Amazon
Julio GutierrezDon NoniniThe political ecologies of real estate speculation in Cordillera del Bálsamo, El Salvador
Maja JerankoFlorence BabbPost-earthquake context and feminist political ecology in Musine, Ecuador
Samantha KingColin WestSustainability, Agriculture, Political Ecology, Gender, Caribbean Societies
Ana RamirezAngela Stuesse Maya cultural and linguistical revitalization, community-based research, transnationalism, youth migration, youth identity, and intergenerational leadership
Diane SlocumPatricia McAnanyCommunity-engaged archaeology, heritage, oral histories, Yucatán
City and Regional PlanningHelen Klash-WarchDr. Danielle SpurlockClimate hazards and risks; food planning
EnglishDailihana AlfonsecaKym WeedAfro-Latina Literature
GeographyLara LookabaughGabriela ValdiviaManaging Life and Environment in Post-conflict Guatemala
Ina ShkurtiGabriela Valdivia and Javier ArceCounter cartographies and participatory mapping practices in Amazonia
Global Public HealthAlyssa GrubeJill StewartWater quality in the Galapagos
Seyi IsijolaJeffrey SimmsCardiovascular Health, Latino Health, Health Promotion, Health disparities, Job Insecurity
Julie KafkaBeth MoraccoGender-based violence, mental health
Tatiana AguilarElizabeth ChenType II diabetes management in rural communities of the Dominican Republic
Global StudiesAnna ElderTBATBA
Natalia Galindo FreireTBAEducation Development in Latin America
Loren CaldwellTBALatin America, immigration, climate change, gender studies, peacekeeping
Health BehaviorAline D’Angelo CamposMarissa Hall and Shuwen NgFood and nutrition policy
Isabella HigginsLuz ReyesSexual and reproductive health access and outcomes; particularly among Latinx immigrants and refugees. Abortion, labor and delivery, postpartum period
HistoryJavier EtchegarayCynthia RaddingColonial Latin America, Southern Chile, Environmental History, Ethnohistory, Spanish Borderlands, Livestock, Historical GIS
Nathan GillMiguel La Serna and Louis A. PérezModern Latin American political history, 20th century Andean South America
Francesca LangerMolly WorthenPolitical cultures of early Anglo and Latin America with a focus on classical republicanism, creole nationalism, mass media, citizenship, and the public sphere. My primary interest is in early American political aesthetics, including neoclassicism, indigenismo, technological futurism, science fiction, and utopian/dystopian literatures.
Marlon LondoñoMiguel La Serna and Joseph T. GlatthaarThousand Days' War in Colombia; 20th century military history
Daniella McivorLouis A. PérezThe role of clandestine urban resistance during the Cuban revolution, 1952-1959
Anthony RossodivitoLouis A. PérezThe Cuban Revolution, Modern Latin America/Caribbean, Guerrillas and Insurgenices and the International Cold War
Emily TaylorMiguel La SernaGender, indigenity and social change in Guatemala, focusing on social movements between 1976 and 1996.
Daniel VelasquezCynthia RaddingColonial Latin America, Atlantic World, Spanish Borderlands
LinguisticsSage AvilesLamar GrahamDialectal variation, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, semantics.
MusicAmanda BlackDavid F. GarciaSound studies, Mexico, decolonial studies, and urban studies
Eduardo Tadafumi SatoMichael Figueroa20th century Brazilian music, transnationalism, critical race theory, field recordings, archives
Sierriana TerryDavid F. GarciaAnime/cartoon music, ethnomusicology (music festivals, theater, populat music), African American studies, Strauss opreas and art songs, late 19th and 20th century American music.
Political ScienceClaire Dunn Evelyne HuberSocial Policy and Inequality, Brazilian Politics
Nicolás De La CerdaJonathan Hartlyn Latin America, Public opinion, Party Politics
Isaac MehlhaffMarc HetheringtonComparative pulblic opinion, comparative political behavior, political polarization, democratic attitudes
Isabel Laterzo Jonathan Hartlyn and Cecilia Martínez-GallardoPolitical Participation/ Engagement of Crime Victims, Crime reporting, trust in instiutions
Public PolicyCecilia RodriguezJoaquãn RubalcabaTBA
Religious StudiesAlejandro Stephano EscalanteTodd Ramón OchoaPuerto Rico, Black Atlantic religions, gender and sexuality, ethnography
Romance Studies Sarah Kathleen BookerOswaldo EstradaContemporary Latin American Narrative and Translation Studies
Meaghan CooganTBDContemporary Latin American, Caribbean, & Latinx Literature, Afro-diaspora studies, decolonial theory, migration studies, feminisms
Mireya JamalTBD20th and 21st century Latin American literature including gender and sexuality studies
Carlos LopezOswaldo Estrada20th century Latin American narratives
Ana María PozoJuan Carlos González Espitia19th century literature, 20th century literature, simulation, modernity
Katelyn SmithTBDContemporary Yucatec Mayan Narratives, Indigenous literature, Ecofeminism
Diana TorresOswaldo EstradaContemporary Social Movements and Cultural Artefacts. Cultural Memory. Arts, Violence and Political Resistance
SociologyJanelle VieraJacqueline Haganrace/ethnicity, migration, social mobility, Puerto Ricans, and Latinxs in the United States
Jorge MancillaBarbara EntwistleMigration, Demography, Development, Ecology, Social Stratification