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Podcasts on Latin America

This continually expanding catalog of podcasts related to and from Latin America is organized by countries and arranged by themes. Whether you seek to augment your instructional resources for class, or simply have a general interest in Latin American topics, we invite you to explore the inventory below.

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Mixedtape: Afro Cuba (49 minutes)

Mixedtape: Conciencia/ Conscience (1 hour and 4 minutes)

Mixedtape: Afro Cuba (49 minutes)

Mixedtape: Conciencia/ Conscience (1 hour and 4 minutes)


Interested in listening to more podcasts about Latin America?

Check out these podcast collectives that solely produce Latin American content!

The Historias podcast is a weekly program of informed discussion into the cultural, economic, political, and social life of Latin American and Caribbean societies, and their diasporas via the Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies. English episodes are released on Tuesday and Spanish episodes are released on Fridays.

Latin American Perspectives
The Latin American Perspectives (LAP) podcasts feature interviews with LAP issue editors, academics, and activists where participants discuss current research, political-economic issues, and social movements in Latin America. These conversations usually last 30 to 60 minutes and provide listeners with insight into many topics and phenomena discussed in LAP issues and articles, as well as important information on ongoing political and economic issues in Latin America.

Mix(ed) Tape
The Mix(ed) Tape podcast aims to build awareness of the ways in which racism and white normative/Euro-centric behaviors and ideas show up in the Afro-Latin dance scene. This podcast is hosted by Andrés Hincapié, Ph.D. and Melissa Villodas, MSW.

Diversa El Podcast
Diversa revista es un medio impreso y digital, ahora con el podcast, una nueva forma de comunicar nuestras ideas hacia personas LGBT+ y aliados.

Understanding Latin American Politics
Dr.Gregory Weeks, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at UNC Charlotte has produced this podcast to discuss current and past political affairs in Latin America. His podcasts often feature scholars from across the diaspora to comment and discuss Latin American politics.

LatAm in Focus
The Americas Society Council of the Americas produces the LatAm in Focus podcast that brings together scholars and journalists of Latin America to discuss and analyze Latin America.

La Advertencia
Narrado por Diego Luna, La advertencia es un podcast documental sobre la impunidad, la corrupción y los caminos para la justicia política, a partir de un análisis de la reciente historia de Guatemala, que a pesar de estar sumido en la corrupción, logró la renuncia de su presidente para después llevarlo a la cárcel, al igual que a militares, políticos, empresarios y narcotraficantes. El narrador plantea a lo largo de los episodios los paralelismos con la situación política en México y América Latina, que invitan al escucha a imaginar alternativas posibles de justicia.

La Brega
WNYC Studios and Futuro Studios present “La Brega: Stories of the Puerto Rican Experience”: a seven-part podcast series that uses narrative storytelling and investigative journalism to reflect and reveal how la brega has defined so many aspects of life in Puerto Rico. Available in English and Spanish.

This Podcast collection seeks to offer diverse and multiple perspectives on subjects related to Latin America. It does not necessarily represent the views of the Institute for the Study of the Americas.