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Millie Ravenel wins the 2019 Sharon S. Mújica Award

Millie Ravenel is the recipient of the 2019 Sharon S. Mújica Award. She is honored for her long career as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Center for International Understanding in Raleigh from 1979 – 2011, during which she created programs that sent more than 8,000 North Carolina teachers, public officials, and other leaders to 48 different countries. She established the Latino Initiative, which has built exchanges with communities in Mexico for decades. Upon retirement, Millie founded the American Friends of the Bajío, which raises funds and salary support for our longtime partners in Mexico at the Fundación Comunitaria del Bajío. The Fundación is an organization that supports education and infrastructural development in rural migrant communities in Central Mexico, and has welcomed hundreds of North Carolinians for decades, many of which participate in programs that Millie Ravenel founded. We honor her for her decades of collaboration and commitment which continue to this day.