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Professor Weissman’s handbook titled Guide for Experts in Asylum Cases

The UNC School of Law Human Rights Policy Lab recently distributed a handbook created by Professor Deborah Weissman’s Spring 2018 Forced Migration Law and Practice class. The handbook titled Guide for Experts in Asylum Cases provides an overview of the basics of asylum law and information about the role of expert witness in asylum cases. The primary goal of the handbook is to encourage faculty, graduate students, and others who might qualify as experts to consider serving as experts in these cases. Professor Weissman stated that “ an expert witness is crucial to the outcome of an asylum claim. At the Human Right Policy Lab, we wanted to draw on the expertise of faculty and graduate students, as well as other individuals with expertise relevant to asylum cases in order to improve the chances for people who are fleeing persecution and seeking asylum.” As a potential resource for those interested in legal resources for migrants, a link to the handbook can be found under the Publications and Resources tab on the Latino Migration Project website!