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Professor Oswaldo Estrada’s New Book - Troubled Memories - Iconic Mexican Women and the Traps of Representation

In Troubled Memories: Iconic Mexican Women and the Traps of Representation, Professor Oswaldo Estrada critiques recent literary and cultural representations of iconic Mexican women such as la Malinche, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Leona Vicario, the soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution, and Frida Kahlo. Through an examination of contemporary books, plays, films, and other works, Estrada explains how and why authors continue to recreate the lives of these historic women. He considers the positive and problematic ways in which contemporary authors continue to challenge or perpetuate gender stereotypes about women.

Oswaldo Estrada is a Professor of Latin American Literature whose research focuses on gender formation and transgression, historical memory, and the construction of dissident identities in contemporary Mexico and Peru. Estrada is the author of Ser mujer y estar presente: Disidencias de género en la literatura mexicana contemporánea and La imaginación novelesca: Bernal Díaz entre géneros y épocas.