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Femmes of Freedom: Women and the Haitian Revolution

Speaker: Dr. Crystal Eddins
Date: February 20, 2021
Time: 9:00am

As part of the NC Conference on Latin American Studies (NCCLAS), Dr. Crystal Eddins, UNC Charlotte, will present a webinar for educators on women and the Haitian Revolution. Though it was a monumental event that is regularly taught in world history courses, the role of women specifically in the Haitian Revolution is rarely considered in classrooms. In this session with Dr. Eddins, secondary and community college educators will explore perspectives for understanding women in the colonial Haiti, discover the roles that women played in the Haitian Revolution, and learn why there are silences in the archives about this topic. Because this workshop is part of NCCLAS, 1 PD hour is available for every conference session attended. This event is generously funded with funds from the US Department of Education. If you have further questions, contact Corin Zaragoza Estrera at Register here to attend.