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Latin Film Fest: House of Mama Icha

Date: October 14, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM

La casa de Mama Icha

Dir. by Oscar Molina. USA/Colombia. 2020. 85 min. In Spanish with English subtitles.

La Casa de Mama Icha is an intimate observational about a 93-year Afro Colombia woman, Mama Icha in her heroic decision to return home to Colombia after living in the US for 33 years. There, in Mompox, burrowed into the Magdalena River Valley, a house awaits her, a house she funded piece by piece with money she earned in the States. But her long-imagined homecoming is no easy return. The house that she patiently built through years of savings and transnational contracting is crumbling due to the tensions of the pending bills and increasingly deteriorating family relationships. This is a story of reverse migration. It is a story about the dream of return. A story of a mother, a dispersed family, a longing, and a striving for agency, for home.

Viaje de María
Dir. by Camilo Pérez, Nancy Gómez, Risa Whitson. 2019. Colombia. 9 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.

Maria is a mother who lives peacefully with her two daughters in a peasant house in a Colombian village. One night, a group of armed men break into her house, and Maria is forced to leave everything behind and escape with her daughters in a truck heading to a big city. In the midst of an unfamiliar environment, Maria finds the solidarity of her aunt who welcomes her so that she can start over. This animated film was created with a group of Colombian victims of violence in Colombia who currently live in Barranquilla after being displaced from their home towns.

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Via Zoom. Click to access.